The Modern Feminist Style Guide

Are you an aspiring feminist? If you share even a single opposing view of modern feminism then you're probably not. With such a militari...

Are you an aspiring feminist? If you share even a single opposing view of modern feminism then you're probably not. With such a militaristic point of view, it's no wonder that these social justice warriors developed a vibrant fashion scene brimming with neutral hues and warm earth tones. Unafraid to accessorize with jewelry, a picket fence sign, or mace, these passionate feminists not only fight for women's rights but also look good while doing it.

Whether you're looking for the perfect Halloween costume, are genuinely interested in learning more about the feminist ideals, or, most likely, want to do it as a goof, the following outfit ideas should help turn you from ordinary to revolutionary in no time. While this outfit is the epitome of women's independence, nothing screams freedom more than a nude protest. Don't be afraid to expose your body in protest.


As with any burgeoning social movement, you'll begin to become more resourceful. For instance, a run-of-the-mill beanie can become more than just a giant sock to warm your head. It can also double as a ski mask. Who hasn't at one time or another needed a ski mask to conceal their identity, especially when the protests get ugly. Don't be afraid to get different colors like green or dark green or forest green.


Scarfs are a must-have for every feminista. Used as a last extreme resort for protest, scarves can be used against a threatening male or one one's self, i.e. taking one for the team. The knot can be used as a form of self asphyxiation. Use this tactic as a last resort if, and only if, you feel threatened by a man. Furthermore, a scarf can keep your neck warm.


Even if your vision is 20/20 find yourself some glasses, preferably from Warby Parker. Stare at the sun for 30 seconds if you have to. Do whatever you have to do to get a lens prescription. A nice pair of glasses will not only improve your vision, but also make you look smarter, no matter what situation. Even if your argument on the gender wage gap begins to crumble, your tortoise shell-framed glasses will make it look like you actually know what you're talking about.


Even if it's scalding hot outside, always wear a neutral-colored trench coat. Not only does it protect you from sexual assault (not, really) but it also serves as a great cover before starting the nude portion of the protest. Since you won't be wearing anything underneath the coat, it's imperative to keep your body temperature somewhat warm. Plus, it adds to the surprise factor.


Although this one isn't necessarily fashion related, a megaphone will always come in handy. Keep in mind that you want EVERYBODY to hear you so the more watts the better. Also, ensure it comes with all the bells and whistles like a shoulder strap, detachable palm mic, and switch-activated siren. These high-powered bull horns help talk over anyone who claims they are "egalitarian."

If you learn anything from this condensed style guide, it's that you don't need any clothes at all to get the modern feminist look. What's more convenient than your birthday suit. You never have to get it dry cleaned. Now go out, get nude, and protest against sexual assault against women.

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