The 6 Best Undercard Acts of FYF Fest 2015

Music festivals are possibly the best way to spend your money on overpriced domestic beer, band merchandise, and other stuff that isn't ...

Music festivals are possibly the best way to spend your money on overpriced domestic beer, band merchandise, and other stuff that isn't imperative for your survival, all in the name of fun. Don't get me wrong, it's totally worth it because the return on investment pays enormous dividends in the form of lasting memories.

FYF Fest is a festival in Los Angeles that spans for two days on Aug. 22 and 23. It features some of the biggest names in electronic, indie, rock, and hip-hop music. With single day tickets already sold out, your best bet is to purchase general admission for $175 here. For that kind of money, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Here are the best undercard acts of FYF Fest 2015.


Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody Prochet might just be an angel in disguise as a French dream pop musician. With the help of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, Prochet created one of the finest psychedelic debut albums of 2012. Featuring psych tinged jams, echoey vocals, kraut rock beats, all drenched in nostalgia, Melody's Echo Chamber tickles at your innermost desires with her gentle and honeyed tunes.

Tennis was formed by couple Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley after meeting in college in 2010. They wanted to capture the essence of their recent 8-month sailing expedition and did just that with their debut Cape Dory.  Three albums into their career, they produce some of the most solid indie pop rock in the game. With Moore's celestial vocals and Riley's dream pop guitar arrangements, they are quite the dynamic duo.

The spirit of 70s punk glory still lives on today through bands like BRONCHO from Norman, Oklahoma. With hooks stickier than krazy glue and enough punky riffs to satisfy the young rebel inside you, BRONCHO embrace garage pop, noise rock, indie, and anything alternative. They are also quite the live act.


Title Fight have played FYF Fest before and in my opinion don't get the recognition they deserve but who am I to say, I'm just writing a blog that no one reads. Their transition from melodic hardcore to shoegaze-tinged melodic hardcore was heralded by me and many fans as well. Their grit, ferocity, and penchant for writing really melodic music is what attracted me to the band and continues to inspire me. If you're looking to get in a mosh pit at least once at FYF, this is the band to see.

HEALTH artfully blend pummeling and sometimes tribalistic drumming with gloomy vocals and a heavy electronic influence. Far from an experimental noise rock band, they are the soundtrack to a generation of depressed and angry youth. That's why I love them so much. I caught them live once and will never be the same. Even if you don't care for the music, their live performance will leave hypnotized and enthralled.

Lower Dens
Lower Dens is the brainchild of Jana Hunter from Baltimore, Maryland. Their freak folk and overcast sensibilities converge to create a wildly pleasant brand of dismal dream pop. There is some new wave influence in there to if you listen hard enough. They are upbeat yet morose, muddy yet polished, they are Lower Dens.

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