5 Reasons to Start Your Own Blog

The few who read this may notice that this blog is fairly new compared to tons and tons and tons and tons of blogs out there. So why start b...

The few who read this may notice that this blog is fairly new compared to tons and tons and tons and tons of blogs out there. So why start blogging now if there is such a large number of bloggers out there? I'm glad I asked for you. Here are a few simple reasons why blogging is a beneficial habit for you and other people.

1. It's Free!
Setting up a Wordpress or Blogger account makes economical sense. Of course you can self-host with your own domain name for cheap using sites like Bluehost.com,sites like Wordpress and Blogger are zero cost and offer high reward in the form of getting your ideas out there. Even a homeless person can get a free library card to use the internet and start a blog. There is absolutely no excuse not to.

2. You Become a Better Writer
If you consistently maintain your blog (preferably 2-3 times a week or more) you will see drastic improvements in the way you write and think. You don't have to be a grammar nerd or have an extensive vocabulary to blog either, trust me. Because writing involves sitting down and thoroughly considering every concept you consider and every word you type, it forces you to organize your thoughts better. In addition, it can translate into better verbal communication.

3. You Connect With Other People
Writing about stuff that you are passionate about will connect you with other people that share those same passions, whether it be through comments, social media, or e-mail. You are not limited to finding friends by your immediate geographical area. What a world we live in.

4. You Can Help Other People
Some people build schools for third world countries, others donate millions to charitable organizations, I blog. Although the scope of my benefit to the community can't be measured by metrics, I know I am adding value to the blogging community. Whether it's sharing a new discovery, documenting your struggles, or simply writing a humorous piece, there are people out there that can relate to you and possibly learn about a different perspective from theirs. It even simply be a great form of entertainment for others. 

5. You Become a Better Person
I can think of very few instances where writing has made someone a worse person. This includes those writing hateful comments, racist subreddits, etc. If you genuinely want to write to add value to the world, you will reap fulfilling rewards. Writing provides you with a healthy habit, inspires others, and forces you to learn new things so you have fresh content for your readers. It also helps you confront your fears of exposing your true and honest self to the world. 

So far, blogging has provided me with one more reason to feel good about myself. It is a great confidence booster and a great mind exercise. If after reading all of this you still have doubts, try it without expecting any results. What you say, feel and think matters. It matters to you and that's reason enough to write it out.

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  2. Number two is important if someone intends to write and write well. Number three is helpful in two ways, first, when you build new relationships with people who can provide good feedback and second if your work gains an audience you will be able to connect with readers.


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