The 4 Best Undercard Acts of San Diego's Kaaboo Festival 2015

Music festival season is nearing its end. With all the major summer festivals out of the way, one stands out among the rest. The Kaaboo Fest...

Music festival season is nearing its end. With all the major summer festivals out of the way, one stands out among the rest. The Kaaboo Festival in Del Mar, California will be making its debut from September 18-20. You can choose from single day passes that start at $125, two-day passes that start at $229, or the entire three-day kit and kaaboo-dle for $299. Whatever day you choose to attend, each will be replete with big-name artists like No Doubt, Snoop Dogg, the Zac Brown Band, The Killers, 311, and so many more.

Although this festival is aimed at a more mature and affluent demographic then, let's say, Coachella, there something for everyone. With over 7 stages, 100+ music acts, renowned comedians, top-rated chefs, restaurants, craft distilleries, masseuses, and even a swimming pool, Kaaboo is prepared to present a unique and lavish festival experience.

There's plenty of mainstream musical acts, but what about the burgeoning bands? Here's a short-list of the best undercard acts of Kaaboo 2015.

1. The Drowning Men
Formed in 2006 by childhood friends Nato, Rory, and James, The Drowning Men added bass and keyboards as the band's sound expanded, all the while experimenting with a uniquely pastoral folk sound mixed with earthy americana. From their 2007 debut, Kill the Matador, which sounded like a more whimsical Franz Ferdinand, to their sophomore album, All the Unknown, which was released through Borstal Beat Records, The Drowning Men take their listeners on as stowaways through the bends and turns, exploring the beautiful landscapes of folk and blues.

2. Jonny Perdue
Born in Texas, Jonny performed with various bands across the years including Southern Affair, The BGB, and now has released his solo EP titled Dark Heart. Inspired by Al Green, Muddy Waters, and the R&B greats, Jonny sings with an earnest deliberation and a warm acoustic sound. His impeccable songwriting runs fluidly with his penchant for crafting meditative indie rock. Treading away from genre classification, he is an artist in the truest sense of the word.

3. Joe Firstman
Like many aspiring musicians hoping to reach a wider audience, Joe Firstman traveled from his hometown in North Carolina to Los Angeles in search for success. He found it with a full-time gig leading the band for late night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly, all while releasing his downtempo acoustic solo work with albums like El Porto in 2010 and Swear It Was A Dream in 2011. He has now joined Cordovas, the band. They released their latest EP Prison Guard and will be delighting audiences with poignantly catchy, funky, folky, and indie tunes like the one below.

4. Peter Matthew Bauer
Peter Matthew Bauer's latest release Liberation! accounts the early years of his childhood growing up in an ashram. The album details his fascination with both eastern and western religion and their hidden facades. Soulful ballads line his album tinged with his spiritual excursions acting as a travelogue of his expeditions through Europe. Already being hailed as a cult hit, Liberation! is a noteworthy and honest portrayal of a raconteur eager to tell his story.

Whoever you choose to see at Kaaboo, make sure to lend support for the next wave in great music by checking out these talented and exceptional musicians.

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