The 5 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix

Netflix is great for binge watching your favorite show while you binge drink your favorite beer. If it were not for Netflix, we'd have a...

Netflix is great for binge watching your favorite show while you binge drink your favorite beer. If it were not for Netflix, we'd have a plethora of productive individuals making life-sized male dolls, yeti newborn baby dolls, and who knows, maybe a baby Donald Trump doll. So as my contribution to society to prevent that from ever happening, I've assembled a list of the 5 best stand-up comedy specials that you can stream on Netflix right now (in no particular order). Prepare to shoot beer out of your nose.

1. Jim Norton - Contextually Inadequate
Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian from Bayonne, New Jersey. His latest and sixth stand-up special, Contextually Inadequate, tackles topical issues like the Bill Cosby rape allegations, the death of Joan Rivers, the Anthony Weiner scandal, and so much more. He sprinkles in jabs at himself and his self-proclaimed perversion to show that he is an equal opportunity culture critic. His comedic style is so sharp and bitter, it would go great with an IPA. Although raunchy and bawdy in nature, his insights cut deep into issues of gun ownership, fat shaming, and the way technology is changing our lives. If you are easily offended, please watch it.

2. Nick Thune - Folk Hero
"The other day I walked in on my friend while I was masturbating," jokes deadpan comedian Nick Thune from Seattle, Washington. His style of comedy is often dry, pithy, and very clever. Using his guitar as a way to relieve tension during pauses, Thune is our modern day Bob Dylan, except he's funny. His stories meander into the absurd and surreal. Touching on topics like his childhood, his previous relationships, and Starbucks gift cards, he can amuse and delight with his keen observations of the world. Make sure to thune in.

3. Todd Barry - The Crowd Work Tour
In 2013, Todd Barry went on a tour with no planned material. The idea was that he would do "crowd work" during the entire show. Crowd work is when comedians go off-script to engage with audience members and glean hilarious insights into their everyday lives. It is the equivalent of wrestling an alligator having never done it. The result was a side-splitting success. You could expect nothing less with the cool, calm, and collected comedy stylings of one of the best in the biz.

4. Dave Attell - Road Work
Veteran comic Dave Attell embarked on his swan song of a tour shooting guerilla-style with an audience camera man and another on stage with him. If it were a feature film, his style of comedy would get the notorious NC-17 rating. Unafraid to talk about deviant sexual practices, his material tickles the deepest recesses of your cavernous mind. Always dirty and always funny, his material will live on until the end of time. Be a part of history.

5. Jen Kirkman - I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)
With regular appearances on Chelsea Lately and Drunk History, Jen Kirkman graced our television screens. Her newest special centers around the major changes in her life. Her divorce, her hookups, and her annoying friends with kids, are all perfect fodder for an revelatory hour of comedy gold. She nonchalanty talk about her gray pubes. She is your new best friend.

Honorable Mentions:

Coming Soon to Netflix: "Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time)" on Aug. 14, "Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers" on Oct. 16, "John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid" on Nov. 13 and more.

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