The Best Mexican Female Stand-Up Comedians: Alexis De Anda and Sofia Niño De Rivera

We can all agree that stand-up comedians are heroic in the sense that they challenge traditional stereotypes, cultural norms, and do it all ...

We can all agree that stand-up comedians are heroic in the sense that they challenge traditional stereotypes, cultural norms, and do it all while being vulnerable on stage. What's even more courageous is deciding to become a stand-up comedian in a country where stand-up isn't recognized as an art form. That's where Alexis De Anda and Sofia Niño De Rivera come in. They took the plunge off the deep end and are now a part of the burgeoning stand-up scene in Mexico. Each with their own special on the Spanish version of Comedy Central, they are lighting the wick and are ready to blow up.

So who are these female comedy pioneers?

Alexis De Anda
With an original plan to become an actress, she began to lose steam and faced many adversities as artists are one to do. Her need to laugh at her misfortunes and to be the center of attention coalesced into an organic entry into stand-up comedy. Her persona on stage is irreverent, cynical, and hilariously cruel. This made her the perfect candidate to follow in Joan Rivers' footsteps with her very own spot on the Spanish version of Fashion Police. Her dark humor made her the macabre princess of fashion which propelled her to roast Mexican comedy legend, Hector Suarez, in the very first roast for Comedy Central Latin America. She currently hosts Explora DF with fellow comedian Juan Carlos Escalante where they visit and explore the different neighborhoods of Mexico City. Sometimes they highlight little taco stands which prompted Alexis to prefer a change of name for the show to "The Best of the Worst."
Sofia Niño De Rivera
Sofia began her career by writing copy for major publicity firms, until she felt she needed a drastic change in her life. She took a trip to New York with her family and there met up with New York comedian Colin Kane at the Gotham Comedy Club. His inspiring words to pursue this as a full-time career prompted her to quit her job, sell her car, and start doing 10-minute sets wherever she could. Her set includes personal anecdotes in her usual acidic and sarcastic tone. She talks about how her father was an ex-olympic athlete and still continues his routine which includes running, eating healthy, and testing for steroids. She currently has a stand-up workshop and hopes to forge a generation of hopeful comedians.

I remember some of the best times of my life were listening to the monologue from my favorite Spanish late night talk show host, Adal Ramones. After his 10-year run of the show, Otro Rollo, ended, comedy in Mexico was at a stand-still. After a recent resurgence of stand-up-centric specials, stand-up is alive and well. With the help of these hilariously cool comedians like Alexis De Anda and Sofia Niño De Rivera, Mexico can begin to enjoy the comedy revival scene once again.

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