Elusive Desire

The impermanence of Alyssa's glossy chocolate hair curls, her emerald green eyes, and her supple and soft porcelain skin left a lasting ...

The impermanence of Alyssa's glossy chocolate hair curls, her emerald green eyes, and her supple and soft porcelain skin left a lasting mark on Nico's volatile psyche. How can one love someone so deeply when it can all vanish in the blink of an eye? No answer could satiate his thirst for an intangible truth that could neither be explained nor understood. All he knew was that he loved the way she smelled, even after spending the night her clothes and skin smelled of freshly cut grass with a hint of pine. They would often open the breakfast nook's blinds letting the radiant beams of sun light pierce through the window pane hitting the beech wood floors just enough to give them a comforting warmth as they walked barefoot toward the kitchen. She wasn't high-maintenance. Her breakfast consisted of freshly cut fruit, oatmeal with chia seeds, and a cup of black coffee.

Every afternoon after getting home from band practice he would talk to her over the phone, listening to how her day went at the photography studio she worked at as a portrait photographer. She was attentive and had an eye for composition. An imaginative and engaging raconteur, her life was fodder for the fastidious boors that attended the studio's monthly gallery openings. The openings were meant for local artists to showcase their work at no cost to them. What would end up happening would be a flurry of business cards being thrown at patrons from every which way. It was merely a peanut gallery full of pretentious oafs, tortured artists, and trust fund babies.

Nico would comfort her by attending all the openings even if he wasn't the biggest art fan. He was a romantic. Always wanted to live the ideal fantasy in his head. Realism wasn't his cup of tea. He despised any negative representation of the human spirit. To him, art should reflect the ideal. There were times when he wondered why people kept on living their unfulfilled lives when there was so much beauty to witness. He had grown attached to Alyssa's warmth, sympathy, and kindness, letting his flurry of emotions transport him to an oasis of unbridled love and uninhibited pleasure. It all affected him so much that he had left his job at KWCL as their midnight radio producer a year ago to pursue his writing career full-time. Actually, the first novella he ever published as an e-book was a small-time success, gaining a quiet following and earning him decent literary cache, although he published under a pseudonym.

His novella detailed his and Alyssa's first encounter at a downtown rooftop party where they mingled with the wannabe intelligentsia which was an array of 20-something self-proclaimed auteurs hoping to document the demise of American capitalism and society. He hated how derivative their work was but since he moved to the city a year ago, he hadn't made many new friends, that is, until he met Alyssa. She loved to take pictures, even as a kid, using her polaroid camera to document her transition from spunky toddler to mature and refined portrait photographer. They would try to spend every moment together reveling in their impeccable chemistry, that is until Nico's girlfriend came back from her year-long humanitarian trip to the Congo.

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