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Sunday is the day of rest because Saturday is the day for crazy shenanigans. From the moment I woke up to the moment I closed my dreary eye...

Sunday is the day of rest because Saturday is the day for crazy shenanigans. From the moment I woke up to the moment I closed my dreary eyes, the day seemed to be destined for greatness. My girlfriend is a lifestyle blogger who covers fashion, health & wellness, and everything that I don't (www.itscarmen.com). She had a few press events lined up for the day so I decided to tag along to score some free shit. Per usual. I'd like to say that most of her blogging success comes from me, but I'd be lying. It's all of it. To be fair, she's the one who pushed me to start blogging and with my background as a Marketing copywriter it's only natural that I'd be great at it. 

Back to last Saturday. We made our way for a scheduled review of Rough Draft Brewing in San Diego. A comprehensive review should be up sometime next week. Once we had a taste of their entire beer selection, it's only natural that we got in our car to drive down to one of San Diego's most hipster neighborhoods, North Park. We stopped at Panchita's Kitchen & Bakery to eat some delicious burritos because drinking beer on an empty stomach is only half as fun. 

Mike Hess Brewing

Luckily, everything worth going to in North Park is walking distance. After the burritos, we went to Mike Hess Brewing which was a five minute walk (full review will be up soon). It was packed and sweltering hot. It seemed like a great place to meet up with a group of friends for beers (not my type of place) but the beers were excellent. We even got a pint glass with our complimentary flight. 

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Hammond's Ice Cream

I was slated to cover Public Access T.V.'s show at the Irenic so we had about an hour to spare. I took charge and led my girlfriend to an ice cream place called Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream that was also within walking distance. Their flavor selection seemed endless so we opted for a flight of six. We got Blueberry Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, Kona Coffee, Toasted Coconut, and Thai Tea. The night was warm so our tasty treats immediately began to melt as soon we sat next to one of the tables outside. I was so full from the burrito and beers, but there's always room for dessert.

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Public Access T.V. and The Gloomies at The Irenic

With our bellies full and our night coming to an end, we took a five minute walk to the Irenic, a historic church turned music venue. We arrived a few minutes early and noticed only about ten people waiting outside to our dismay. The doors opened a bit after 7:00 p.m. and we waiting in line. I told the security guy I was on the guest list and he wrapped a wristband around my wrist to indicate I was over 21. 

We walked into a large venue that was obviously not going to be used to its full extent. The fire marshall's services would not be needed. The Gloomies opened up the show and rocked everyone's socks off. They had a Beach Boys meets Joy Division feel and my girlfriend totally dug their sound. 

north park, north park san diego, the gloomies, the irenic
After The Gloomies, Public Access T.V. took the stage and they absolutely killed it. Although I presume a few of the members were a little intoxicated, it made for an even better show. The girls from HINDS were smack dab in front of me dancing the night away. I didn't stay for their set because my girlfriend and I were so beat from the long day in North Park. 

north park, north park san diego, public access t.v., the irenic

Overall, the North Park experience was truly great. I would not mind living in that neighborhood since a car would rarely be needed. Everything is so close and there are so many bars, venues, cool stores, and restaurants for every type of person. Stay tuned for my brewery and show reviews in the near future.

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