Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Everyone loves to open the Christmas gifts under the tree, but what about the stocking stuffers? They're usually just an afterthought du...

Everyone loves to open the Christmas gifts under the tree, but what about the stocking stuffers? They're usually just an afterthought during the holidays. This year I thought I'd focus on Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men. These gifts range from food to grooming products.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter what personality type of man you have in your life, they'll appreciate these functional and great smelling stocking stuffers.Without further ado, here are the best Christmas stocking stuffers for the man in your life.

Balla for Men, Body Powder

Balla Body Powder

Balla for Men makes great-smelling products. My favorite of their line of grooming items was their original fragrance body powder. It's an original formula blend of oak and musk that aims to reduce moisture. Put it in your nether regions, underarms, feet, back, anywhere. Give this to the athletic man in your life. It reduces chafing, sweat stains, and general body discomfort due to excessive moisture. I tried it, smelled terrific, and was dry for most of the day.

Mike's Hot Honey, Hot Honey, Spicy Honey, Honey with Chilies

Mike's Hot Honey

With one taste of the spicy and sweet honey, I began to imagine it one a plethora of food items. I finally decided to steam some carrots, mash them, and drizzle a bit of hot honey on top for some flavor. The result was a savory and bold mix. The creator, Michael Kurtz, got the idea for the honey after seeing it at a pizzeria in Brazil. He crafted his own take of the exotic concoction and the rest is history. Get it for the foodie male in your life who isn't afraid to sweat a little when he bites into his pizza, chicken, or it can even be incorporated into cocktails.

Bacon's Heir, Pork Clouds, Fried Pork Skins, Habanero Pepper

HabaƱero Pepper Pork Clouds

Brett Goodson is the brainchild behind Bacon's Heir. He traded in a life of making batteries for hybrid cars into making light, fluffy, fried pork skins. My favorite of their four flavors was the HabaƱero Pepper. It's salty, spicy, crunchy, crisp, savory, and full of flavor. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for the meat-loving, spicy aficionado in your life. Just make sure to pair this gift along with a good wheat beer to create a balance between the heat of the pork skins and the sweetness of the beer.

Das Boom, Das Boom Industries, Everywhere Lotion, Juniper Cedar Pine

Denali (Juniper, Pine, & Cedar) Lotion

Das Boom Industries makes grooming products with a twist. My favorite of the line was the Denali lotion which brought together the woodsy, earthy, and masculine scents I've come to appreciate over the years. I have excessively dry skin so I applied the lotion generously and stayed moisturized for hours. Get this for the outdoorsy man with dry skin.

Brooklyn Grooming, Tattoo Balm,

Tattoo Old School Balm

Brooklyn Grooming is all about great products and a great look. The Tattoo Old School Balm came in a old-fashioned pomade tin which immediately looked alluring. Since I don't have any tattoos I applied it to areas of dry skin on my hands which worked like a charm. Made with sesame seed oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E, it moisturizes your skin, especially after getting a fresh tattoo.

Level Naturals, Vanilla Almond and Oats, Bar Soap

Vanilla Almond + Oats Soap

Das Boom Industries makes handmade, vegan, eco-friendly soaps. My favorite was their vanilla almond and oats scent (5.8 oz) which smells subtly sweet and produces a good amount lather. If you have an earth-friendly man in your life, this soap covers all the bases. It looks a bit rustic, earthy, and definitely not mass produced. Put in their stockings and their shower experience will be a million times better.

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*Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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