Show Review: Bag Raiders and Plastic Plates at The Observatory

I consider myself a member of the press. That's why I wasn't at all surprised when  Cut Above PR  requested that I cover the Bag Rai...

I consider myself a member of the press. That's why I wasn't at all surprised when Cut Above PR requested that I cover the Bag Raiders and Plastic Plates show at The Observatory in North Park on Friday, February 19, 2016. I'm always down to cover a show or a festival.

Bag Raiders, The Observatory, North Park

Friday came around and I dashed off to the venue after work. The 7 mile distance turned into almost a half hour drive because of the late night San Diego traffic. I parked and decided to get something to eat with the time to spare before the show. I went to Holsem Coffee and ordered an English Breakfast tea and their breakfast sandwich because breakfast is good any time of day. Soon after, I walked back to the venue, got my media pass and waited for the opening act to begin.

Opening Act: Plastic Plates

Plastic Plates, The Observatory, North Park, Bag Raiders, Felix Bloxsom

Felix Bloxsom aka Plastic Plates walked out and thanked everyone for coming out early. At the time there was about 40-50 people, which was short-lived once the headlining act came out. The crowd slowly but not hesitantly approached the stage to get a better view and be front and center on the dance floor. The stage was smokey and Bloxsom looked effortlessly cool with his denim jacket. He graced a captivated audience with his electronic/house/dance/nu disco sensibilities adding his own bombastic flair on percussion. He was transfixed with his dials and knobs as he warmed up the crowd for a night of dancing. People sipped on their beers and couples danced close together. After about an hour of continuous dancing, he thanked the audience again and informed us that he would be playing drums for the headlining act.


Bag Raider, Plastic Plates, The Observatory, North Park

I really enjoyed The Observatory as a venue. They had a tiered standing area so anyone could have a clear view of the stage regardless of their distance away from it. The decor was intricate and detailed reminding me of a luxurious ballroom. The crimson velvet curtains hid the stage until the lights came down again signaling that Bag Raider were ready to come out.

Headliner: Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders, Plastic Plates, The Observatory, North Park

Bag Raiders came out to an almost packed venue. A roar of excitement swept over the crowd and Bag Raiders went right into their funk-laced, dance-pop tunes featuring juicy synthesizers and a heavy tropical influence. You could tell every single member of Bag Raiders enjoyed performing live since they danced to the pulsating rhythms of their sticky beats. Their sound was sometimes trudging, sometimes bouncy, but never dull. At one point, a cacophony of drums resonated throughout the venue building the tension and culminating in a wave of audible euphoria. The singer/guitarist could go from a low, booming croon to a crisp, high falsetto with ease. Bag Raiders' mission was to pump up the crowd and get them up off their feet and they did just that.

Final Thoughts

Bag Raider, Plastic Plates, The Observatory, North Park, Felix Bloxsom

The show was great overall. None of the acts disappointed and I also enjoyed getting out of the house for a while. On a typical Friday night, you can find me sitting at home, sipping on a beer, binge watching Netflix so it was a nice change of pace to cover a show after a long while of not doing so. Expect more show coverage in the near future.

Are you familiar with these musicians? Do you like going to shows? What do you do on a typical Friday night? Let me know in the comments below.

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