Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Consider your Valentine's Day gift shopping for him complete. He'll be one happy camper after you buy every single one of these ite...

Consider your Valentine's Day gift shopping for him complete. He'll be one happy camper after you buy every single one of these items. Whether you're buying a gift for your boyfriend, husband, or special male friend, I've got you covered. Shopping for men doesn't have to be a suicide mission. Check out these Valentine's Day gift ideas for him.

Shopping for him can be both affordable and fun. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, we all love gifts, especially if they're edible (or is that just me?). Anyway, without further ado, here are some sure-fire Valentine's Day gift favorites he'll love.

1. Maple Flakes 

Sweeten up your sweetheart's day with these crunchy and gourmet maple flakes from Tonewood*. Sprinkle them over your decadent pancakes or on top of a healthy bowl of oatmeal on Valentine's Day; the possibilities are endless. These low-calorie, fat-free, superfood maple flakes took my French toast to another level, providing a crunchy texture over my soft breakfast treat. Not only are maple trees a sustainable alternative to any other sweetener, but they're also healthier for you. If the man in your life doesn't love these, he's not the one.

2. Coffee Bars

After you've had your Valentine's Day breakfast, who has time to brew a whole cup of coffee? Give your loved one a pack of these delicious coffee bars by New Grounds Food*. Grab one of three flavors (Mocha Latte, Caramel Macchiato, or Coconut Mocha) on your way out to celebrate this romantic holiday. Made by a couple of ingenious college kids, these coffee bars appeal to any fair trade coffee, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo lover. My favorite of the bunch was the Mocha Latte which uses vegan chocolate chips, hints of cinnamon, and dates (I'm a sucker for dates).

p.s. If you'd like to receive 15% off your New Grounds Food purchase, use the code FREDH15 at checkout.

3. Touch-Screen Gloves

Valentine's Day falls on February and February is still technically winter, so why not get your significant other a pair of warm and cozy touch-screen gloves? Glovely* makes some of the best gloves on the market. As I put them on, they contoured to my hand and enabled me to use my smart phone without restrictions. The yellow circle logo contains hidden magnets which let you keep the pair together. If that wasn't enough, the care label inside each glove is made out of micro-fiber material so you can clean your display screen at a moment's notice. Glovely blends practicality with style like no other.


4. Shaving Cream & Lotion

What would a men's Valentine's Day gift idea list be without a mention of men's skincare? Cremo Company* makes skincare an art form. For example, their shaving cream renounces the airy quality of other shaving creams. Instead of using foamy "creams" and "gels," their cream is extremely conditioning reducing your chance for nicks while shaving. After his shave, your boyfriend, husband, father, or friend can slather on some non-greasy, unscented lotion that not only moisturizes but protects against sun damage. I think I just found my new favorite skincare line.


5. Chocolate

Chocolate is a Valentine's Day gift staple for women, but men love it too, especially when it's infused with alcohol. Dude, Sweet Chocolate* stemmed straight out of my fantasies (at least that's what I'd like to think). Their Apple Moon Pie Fudge is made with the chef's grandmother's apple butter recipe, roasted pecans, and South House Apple Pie Moonshine. Normally, I wouldn't buy chocolate on my own, but Dude, Sweet Chocolate has found a way to appeal to my senses. Their "Crack in a Box" is a chocolate bark with a plethora of nuts and dark chocolate. Even if you're alone on Valentine's Day, these chocolates are the perfect companion.


6. Tea 

Finish off a magical night of fun Valentine's Day activities with a hot cup of tea. Camellia Sinensis'* Liu Bao Guangxi Tea is the ideal nightcap or anytime drink. I loved the earthy and woody aromatics coming from these brittle leaves.The taste and smell was subtle yet wholly satisfying. I love to drink tea at night and it makes a nice drink while binge watching your favorite television show on Netflix. I wasn't familiar with Guangxi Tea but after one taste of Camellia Sinensis' tea, I was hooked.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts for him, being thoughtful is the most important part. Every person has different tastes and preferences, but at the end of the day some things are universally loved. Give him good food, good drinks, practical items, and most importantly, enjoy your time together during this special holiday.

What do you think of these Valentine's Day gift ideas for him? Do you have any other suggestions? I'd love to know how you're spending your Valentine's Day. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Everything looks amazing of course! Gourmet chocolate is the best thing ever. These are great gifts for any gender I'd say. :]

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  2. I'd love every single item here, nice selection!

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  3. omg those touch-screen gloves :o thanks for the inspiration, I'm really struggling what I should buy for my bf :3

  4. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out! :D Like the idea of tickets, it shows you're actually paying attention to what they like, haha! I'm getting both my parents

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