Restaurant Review: Chronic Tacos (Dana Point, CA)

A few weeks back I went on a weekend getaway to San Clemente, CA, also know as the "Spanish Village by the Sea." I had scheduled t...

A few weeks back I went on a weekend getaway to San Clemente, CA, also know as the "Spanish Village by the Sea." I had scheduled to do a restaurant tasting at the Chronic Tacos location in Dana Point (a 10-minute drive from San Clemente) on the last day of my trip.

Saturday came and went and then Sunday rolled around. My girlfriend and I headed up the coast around 3:00 pm taking in the beachside view on a warm afternoon. Needless to say, I was excited to try these highly-lauded tacos.

chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food

The restaurant is located on a hill next to a few other retail stores as part of a commercial property. We parked above the building and headed down a flight of stairs to reach our destination. Before even reaching to open the entrance door we were greeted by Dave, Director of Marketing. He told us the story of how Chronic Tacos came together.

Randy Wyner, Chronic Tacos founder, wanted to create a restaurant that served authentic Mexican food that tasted great. He used recipes that originally came from Mexico (Fresnillo, Zacateca, specifically). All ingredients are locally sourced, all meats are marinated for 24 hours, and the carnitas are slow cooked for 3.5 hours.

chronic tacos, mexican food, dana point


chronic tacos, dana point, mexican restaurant

The restaurant has a shared outdoor patio where people can sit and eat. Inside the restaurant, they have ample table and bar seating. On one wall, they prominently featured a mural of a Mexican sugar-skull and a raven-haired woman with a sugar skull-type face paint.

chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food


chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food

Dave told us to order anything and everything off the menu. As a matter of fact, Chronic Tacos is a co-sponsor of the annual Gringo Bandito - Chronic Tacos taco eating competition where contestants try to eat as many tacos as they can in a certain amount of time. Kobayashi, a legendary Japanese competitive eater, has won every iteration since its inception.


chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food

I ordered the beer-battered fish taco to start off. The fish is dipped in an original Tecate beer batter and then deep fried. It tastes just like it sounds. Incredible. I also ordered the carne asada taco which was flavorful, savory, and had a great chewy consistency. The chips and salsa tasted fresh and helped me cool my palate from trying some of the dangerously hot, Gringo Bandito sauce. I proceeded to order the potato taco filled with mashed potatoes and cheese. The corn tortilla is deep fried and tasted just like my mom makes. I really enjoyed the crunchy, yet light tortilla. To top things off, I tried some of their mini churros. They were soft, warm, and had a crispy exterior, a true delight.

chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food

Final Thoughts

chronic tacos, dana point, mexican food

Chronic Tacos is by far one of my favorite Mexican food places. Their authentic ingredients and third-generation recipes combine to produce mouthwatering food options. Even though they are a budget-friendly restaurant, they don't sacrifice in their taste. I can't wait until they open up a location in North County San Diego. 

Have you ever visited a Chronic Tacos location? What's your favorite type of taco? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer: I received these items for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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