ALBUM REVIEW: Death Grips - "Bottomless Pit"

What can you say about Death Grips that hasn't already been said? They're the nihilistic rebels of the music industry and beyond....

death grips bottomless pit album review

What can you say about Death Grips that hasn't already been said? They're the nihilistic rebels of the music industry and beyond. They're mysterious, unapologetic, and experimental with their music, visual art, and general demeanor. Bottomless Pit, their latest album release finds the rag tag crew laser focused on delivering a polished, harsh, and extremely enjoyable album. Bottomless Pit is just as accessible as The Money Store, their 2012 release. The album opens with Cherry Glazerr's Clementine Creevy singing "Giving bad people good ideas." The hauntingly sweet vocals lead into a relentless barrage of drums guitar and noise. MC Ride spits fire as the pummeling onslaught of thrash-y drums and guitars coalesce forming a chaotic orchestra.

Nick Reinhart's (Tera Melos) continued involvement in Death Grips is a welcome addition. He brings a refined yet raw element into the unnerving performance art that is Death Grips. "Hot Head" is perfectly hypnotic, mind-altering, and anarchic. "Spikes" features wildly complex drum beats, heavy metal synths, and one of the best hooks on the album. It's metal, funky, and elicits a sense of "Golden Era" rap. Zach Hill continues to be an equally-driving force in the rhythm section with his accelerated way of playing.

"Warping" features icy, warbling and booming synth sounds. It's a mix between a heavy metal breakdown and hypnosis-inducing music. Flatlander wisely uses a sample of Ride's vocals to add even more melody to the song. "Eh" is one of my favorite songs off the album and one of their more accessible, catchy, and pithy songs. "Bubbles Buried in this Jungle" features gritty synth sounds, offbeat tempos, and MC Ride's unmatched flow. "Trash" is a satire on what people upload onto the internet. It's also some of the finest production I've seen from Death Grips. "Houdini" is a barrage of metallic hi-hat hits, arena-worthy synths, and club-ready hooks. "BB Poison" is a lot more mellow, trudging, and psychedelic in nature. "Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood" is another one of my favorites. The well-placed empty space allow MC Ride to showcase his underrated flow. The synth whirls, twirls, and whistles make for a worthwhile listen.

"Ring a Bell" starts off sounding like creepy raindrops hitting a basketball court. Fuzzed-out guitars max out playing a Suicide-esque aesthetic. The part transitions into woozy and warm instrumentals. "80808" sounds extraterrestrial, industrial, and kind of dub step-y, in a good way. The hook is so juicy and infectious it just stays with you on the first listen. "Bottomless Pit" is such a great closer to the album. I love the rock 'n' roll guitars. Flatlander adds a phaser so they sound crunchier. Zach Hill plays a perfect complement to the punk-y vibe. Flatlander paints a warped synth sheen on what sound like distorted gun shots in the background. A truly great closing song.

SCORE: 9/10


  • "Spikes"
  • "Eh"
  • "Trash"
  • "Bottomless Pit"

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