EP REVIEW: G.L.O.S.S. -Trans Day of Revenge

G.L.O.S.S. is a hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington. Their name is short for "girls living outside society's shit.&quo...

g.l.o.s.s. trans day of revenge

G.L.O.S.S. is a hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington. Their name is short for "girls living outside society's shit." This 5-piece band is composed of all trans females and, given the current political and societal climate, they're angry as fuck. Themes of rage, injustice, and, of course, violent revenge are present throughout Trans Day of Revenge, their second release to date. Their self-titled demo was "punk" in every sense of the word. It was fast, anthemic, and painted a picture of a world that is dangerous to "girls living outside society's shit."

This EP, however, takes a more confrontational tone. Their call for violence is a warning sign to anyone who wants to cause them harm. Underneath that sheen of aggression lies an intensity and passion that hasn't been present in punk for a long time. That's why I was really excited to listen to this EP. I was pleasantly surprised

1. Give Violence a Chance: Static and feedback open the scene. Chugging power chords and blistering drum beats sound like a maniacal punk rock. With the same intensity as The Casualties, one of my favorite punk bands, G.L.O.S.S. aren't afraid to speak out against authority.

2. Out From the Desk: They step up the tempo as if ramping up for war. Thrash punk and violent imagery in the lyrics just makes me want to get in the middle of a circle pit. Clocking in at exactly the minute mark, the song is a brief hurricane of punk.

3. Fight: "Fight For Your Life" clocks in at just shy over the minute mark and it's a relentless tour de force of a song. They employ even more destructive themes when the singer yells "sleep with a hammer, fill a clip with nine rounds." As an "outcast," you literally have to fight for your life.

4. We Live: This song is an existential foray into a suicidal narrator's psyche. Life is just a waiting room until you die. The intensity and urgency of the instrumentation precisely evokes the completely despondent lyrics. Considering the title alone, "We Live," is ultimately an empowering, optimistic song about perseverance and determination.

5. Trans Day of Revenge: At the end of the day, G.L.O.S.S. writes solid, polished, yet panicked songs. They're songwriting abilities alone speak for themselves. "Trans Day of Revenge" continues the theme of violence against the oppressor and culminates with a battle cry.

Takeaway: I've seen many comments online claiming this band is full of "gimmicks." While I am surely as cynical as it gets, I truly believe that G.L.O.S.S. speak from the heart. I appreciate reading their lyrics and feel the anger boiling inside of them. If you haven't already and you like punk rock, check them out.

SCORE: 7/10

BEST TRACKS: "Give Violence a Chance," "We Live," "Trans Day of Revenge"

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