My Pokemon Go Addiction

It was the middle of July. The sweltering evening heat forced me to take refuge in my room with the air conditioning unit and fan on at full...

It was the middle of July. The sweltering evening heat forced me to take refuge in my room with the air conditioning unit and fan on at full blast. I began to check my phone and ran across yet another headline about the new Pokemon Go app. Little did I know that this moment would lead me down a ominous rabbit hole full of violent cyber pocket monsters. That night, I downloaded the app onto my phone and nothing would ever be the same again.

The Augmented Reality feature in the app made the immersion experience even more engaging and equally addicting. One of my first Pokemon was a Zubat. I caught it at the corner of my room; a cascade of endorphins showered my entire being that night. The vibrant colors emanating from my phone's backlit-LCD screen illuminated not only my darkly-lit room, but my life. I spent all night catching Pidgeys and Rattatas until I passed out from exhaustion.

pokemon go

My consistent use of the app depleted my phone's data allowance relegating me to play sporadically or with places with wi-fi. Eventually I caved and racked up tons of overage fees. The compulsion to pull out my phone, open the app, and wander aimlessly through the streets looking for Pokemon took a turn for the worse when I walked through the streets of Skid Row all for the ever-elusive Ghastly.

The problem was clear yet I could not kick the habit. The next logical step would be to remove the game from my phone and move on with my life. Instead, I doubled down and set on, in my opinion, a heroic quest to watch the entire Pokemon: Indigo League series, arguably, the series that started the pocket monster fetish. Essentially, I was feeding the addiction.

pokemon go

Watching the entire series wasn't enough. I needed more hardcore stimulation. That's why, I tripled down and purchased the New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld gaming system along with the original Pokemon blue, red, and yellow games to satisfy my virtual fixation. The worst part of this entire ordeal was the Poke stops from the Pokemon Go app.

Sometimes a large crowd of 10 or more people formed in a local landmark to perform their deviant acts in public. I admit, I did partake and was part of an impromptu, as I like to call, Pokemob. That's when I knew I had hit rock bottom. After much self-medication I've grown to develop a tolerance of any Pokemon paraphernalia.

pokemon go

Although I've scaled back my Pokemon Go use to a bare minimum, I can feel the Pokemon addiction growing. It's lying dormant, metastasizing, waiting until one day it takes complete control of me. For now I attempt to lead a normal life, but after going through what I've gone through, there is no more normal. I've tried to forget about Pokemon Go by replacing the addiction with healthier activities like being on the internet all day or drinking beer.

My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to an issue that isn't on the front page of every newspaper. I'm assembling a support group for recovering Pokemon Go addicts. This group will be a safe space for open discussion and support for anyone who's been ravaged by the poisonous sting of a Beedrill. The support group, however, is for naught if one can not admit that they have a problem.

pokemon go

I can't guarantee that one can ever get rid of the compulsion to watch the Squirtle Squad episode 17 times in a row will ever go away. I have relapsed several times and probably will do it again but the trick is to not let that get you down, even if the new Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming out this holiday season.

Edit: I've decided to quit everything in pursuit of becoming becoming the greatest Pokemon master.

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