Many people don't know that apart from being an extremely talented writer, I'm also a world-class musician, if you consider the worl...

Many people don't know that apart from being an extremely talented writer, I'm also a world-class musician, if you consider the world only the greater San Diego area. Back in my early twenties, I was far more invested in writing, listening to, and playing music more than anything else. My "dream" was to be the lead singer/multi-instrumental frontman of a touring band.

After a slew of high school bands, I met a few of the most talented musicians I've ever known to form Mufasa. Why Mufasa? I'm not really sure, but we were a beloved hometown band and we had great shows where our friends and fans could witness history be made. Our pinnacle as a band came during a Battle of the Bands competition at a local music venue. Rightfully, we took first place in an almost movie-like fashion.

the adicts, beach goth

We were last to perform and by then more than a third of the crowd had left thinking some other band had won the prestigious title and cash prize. People went crazy over the ska, reggae, metal or whatever the hell the other band's were playing. We came out and and electrified the crowd, as usual. We all listened backstage for the judges to announce the runners-up and grand prize winner. Moments later, I heard a voice coming through the speakers saying that Mufasa had won first place. After the standing ovation that lasted late into the night, I humbly accepted the cash prize.

Mufasa played many house shows and concert venues and even recorded a few demo songs that would come to change the face of modern music as we know it. We were essentially a super group of the best musicians the North County area of San Diego had to offer. But like many bands before us and many bands to come, we parted ways due to different life priorities. It was a mutual decision and I'm glad to have all of those non-blacked-out memories of the audience singing along to words I had written in a genius frenzy. I wouldn't trade those memories in for anything in the world, except maybe money.

cherry glazer

My passion for music remained strong immediately after, so me and one of my best friends from high school decided to write our own music. We immediately got to writing music and completed track after track of pure fire. Our band name, Teenage Heavy, was acquired through the obvious means, a witch house/chill wave band name generator. Although this band never won any awards or even played a single show, I'm proud of our musical output that anyone can hear on our Soundcloud. If you want to be in a successful band, the key is to find extremely talented bandmates so you can ride their coat-tails. It worked for me.

All you need to be a great lead singer is a huge ego. Think of all of the best frontmen, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Jim Morrison. They all were annoyingly great singers, but also great entertainers. You don't even need expensive professional vocal lessons or any discernible skill at all. All you need is a computer, auto-tune, so many vocal effects, and you can produce a work of art as well. Not better than me, though.

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