If You're A Sociopath, You'll Love These Comedians

I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy and all types of comedy, in general. I can appreciate the skill and wit necessary to come up with a fun...

I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy and all types of comedy, in general. I can appreciate the skill and wit necessary to come up with a funny one-liner, let alone an hour worth of them. Unfortunately, some people can't tell the difference between a joke and a genuine opinion. There are sociopaths out there who completely miss the point of dark jokes and actively cheer against the "victim" of the joke.

Ironic jokes about taboo subjects can be misinterpreted by a gullible and sociopathic audience. That's why I've assembled a list of my favorite comedians that hold nothing back. If you're a sociopath, you'll probably laugh at all of their jokes, but just remember, they're just jokes.

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1. Anthony Jeselnik

The Dark Prince of Comedy is as close to a sociopath as you can get and he's made millions because of it. His meteoric rise in the comedy world came when he roasted our now president, Donald Trump. Most of his jokes are about dead babies or horrible things happening to his family. But, of course, like all jokes, his exist in an imaginary world. Unfortunately.

2. Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope is the GG Allin of comedy. His audience seems to be composed of the rejects of society, criminals, and the mentally ill. My kind of crew. As a professional raconteur, he talks about the most perverse topics imaginable, as a comedian should. Sociopaths will enjoy delving into the macabre and depraved mind of Doug Stanhope.

3. Eric Andre

If you like to watch people purposely embarrass themselves on television and do everything possible to be taken off the air waves, then you'll love Eric Andre. His chaotic and energetic comedy style makes his one of the most entertaining live shows to attend. Just be warned, you may see his penis, if you're lucky.

4. Jim Norton

A self-proclaimed pervert, he openly discusses his penchant for having sex with transgender women and sadomasochism. The typical boy next door. He struggles to define his sexuality, but if you ask me, I think it's great that he's an equal opportunity perv. If you're a sick and degenerate human being, then you'll instantly connect with this comedy genius.

5. Dave Attell

Dave Attell may always look like he just walked out a porn theatre on his day off, but he is one of the only comedians who can make me laugh with every joke. If any live show deserves to be rated XXX, NC-17 it's Dave Attell's. He artfully draws in the crowd with relatable sex material only to lose them, purposefully, with a bit about special needs kids. Watch him live before he's dead.

6. Patrice O'Neill

Patrice O'Neill's myopic view of the world and just plain ignorance made him one of the more talented and uncompromising comedians ever. In my opinion he died way too soon. If it were up to me I would've given him an extra year to live. If you have lead a nihilistic and cynical way of life, then you can learn a lot from Patrice.

7. Andy Kaufman

Kaufman perfected the art of trolling. From wrestling with women to adopting a holier than thou celebrity persona, Kaufman was always trying to alienate people with humor. His comedy is a mix of performance art, vaudeville, anti-humor, and just being an ass.

8. Andrew Dice Clay

If you're a sociopath or have sociopathic tendencies, you'll love his album The Day the Laughter Died. Andrew Dice Clay performed without any material in a small club to an unsuspecting audience. The true mark of an evil genius is getting someone to distribute this comedy album and eventually purchase it with hard-earned money.

Jokes have the power to make people feel really uncomfortable or really happy. There's very little reaction in between. You may be asking yourself, how I know so much about sociopaths. It's really very simple. Sociopaths are just selfish human beings. We all have the capacity to be selfish. So be selfish in moderation and keep coming back to my blog for more endlessly entertaining material.

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