Yuma, Arizona: Not Just A Place To Dump A Dead Body

Yuma, Arizona. A quiet, little desert town where the liquor stores have drive-thrus. A modern day paradise, if you will. You may be thinking...

Yuma, Arizona. A quiet, little desert town where the liquor stores have drive-thrus. A modern day paradise, if you will. You may be thinking, why would I ever visit Yuma besides to dump a dead body? Well, Yuma has a lot of history. In the late 1800s, its prison was home to some of the worst criminals. Like I needed another reason to go.

So my girlfriend and I packed our essentials: liquor, drugs, more drugs, and took off. During the drive we saw snow-capped mountains, rows upon rows of wind turbines, and no highway patrol, which meant we got there in no time. Upon arrival, we checked-in to our hotel and of course, the first thing we did was head to the nearest brewery, Prison Hill Brewing.

They had a great selection of beer. By the end, we were full of joie de vivre and decided to keep exploring more of Downtown Yuma. We walked toward the glowing Downtown Yuma sign that arched over the street. Right next to the neon sign was a small bookstore. I love to support mom and pop shops whenever I can. They deserve someone to shoplift from them too, not just the Barnes and Nobles of the world.

For dinner, we headed to a local jazz club, because you know what they say, when in Yuma. I love live entertainment during meals so I put money in the musician's tip jar and told them that their set was great, which obviously made their life. After a great meal and live music we headed back to our hotel to take advantage of their sauna because why wouldn't we want to sweat more while in the sunniest place on Earth?

The next day, we went to Yuma's annual Medjool Date Festival. Where else would you be able to find a date tamale and authentic Indian fry bread? After a fun time at the festival, we visited the infamous Territorial Prison Museum, not too far from there. I loved seeing the solitary confinement cell aptly named the "dark cell" meant for rule breakers. I felt right at home.

One of the best parts about Yuma is that the Colorado River runs right through it. There are plenty of parks and walking trails running next to it, too. I could just sit there and watch the serene and blue stillness of the water for hours if I could. There's no joke here, I just really enjoyed the Yuman ecological landscape.

Our last day in Yuma came too soon. The weather was perfect, and although it was windy most of the weekend, the wind felt invigorating. The entire trip was the best weekend getaway if you can enjoy the simple things in life like great weather, food, and company.

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